Rep. Jim Jordan Claims 14 FBI Whistleblowers Have Contacted His Office

Rep. Jim Jordan Claims 14 FBI Whistleblowers Have Contacted His Office

Cracks Form In The FBI As More Whistleblowers Come Forward

( – The recent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raid of Mar-a-Lago has many Americans on edge. People, namely conservatives, have become concerned about the possibility of corruption driving the decision. Fears that the Left has stepped up its witch hunt have some worried about what might be next. Now, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) has come forward with statements from multiple alleged whistleblowers who may be able to shed some light on the situation.

During an interview with Trey Gowdy of Fox News, the Republican claimed 14 whistleblowers from the FBI have come into his office with information regarding several issues. Jordan declared these agents are “good” people, noting there are many of them within the bureau. He added it was those at the “top” who were a problem.

The ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee explained the Justice Department supposedly suffered from bias of a political nature. Jordan mentioned the public is beginning to catch on to the fact the Left fabricates a lie, mainstream media reports it, and Big Tech increases its efficacy. The lawmakers then added there are people within the bureau who are beginning to realize the same.

Jordan claimed in June that six people working for the FBI came to him about the January 6 incident and a school board memo. The conservative lawmaker noted there appears to be a trend emerging of agents coming forward from the bureau and demanding the current state of the Justice Department end.

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