Report Claims Biden Has Short Temper With Staff

( – According to a July 10 Axios report, many White House staffers have been feeling uncomfortable as President Joe Biden is prone to outbursts of anger. The media outlet reported that the commander-in-chief has even lashed out at staff members with strong profanities if they commit a mistake or fail to meet his expectations.

In its article, Axios noted that one Biden administration official confessed that no one feels “safe” from the president’s “wrath.” The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity, explained that aides have been meeting the president “in groups” of three or two to deescalate potential tensions.

Aides have been describing President Biden’s outbursts as a desire for competence and accuracy. Some of them told Axios that many members of the administration consider getting shouted at or receiving profanities by the president as a “rite of passage.”

When he was in the Senate, President Biden’s chief of staff Ted Kauffman said that the commander-in-chief could do some things that people would consider humiliating. He cited as an example President Biden’s need to read a brief and determine if there’s something that is not mentioned in it. He explained he never do this to “embarrass people” but as a way to know the whole information and be able to make the right decision.

Far from being the first time that a media outlet reports President Biden’s outbursts of anger, some previous episodes were already reported. The most famous one was when he was caught in a hot mic, delivering a strong insult against Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy.

The Axios report came at a moment when the president is facing criticism, as many believe that his latest gaffe revealed US military information to geopolitical rivals. In a July 9 interview at CNN, President Biden said his administration was already preparing the delivery of cluster munitions to Ukraine. The commander-in-chief told host Fareed Zakaria that Ukrainian troops were running out of ammunition in their counteroffensive efforts and needed help as soon as possible. He then revealed that Washington was going to send 155 more weapons, despite the US was running “low on it.”

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