Report: Politics Has Killed Science – Who Are Americans Supposed to Trust?

Report: Politics Has Killed Science - Who Are Americans Supposed to Trust?

( – The scientific revolution during the 16th and 17th centuries drastically changed thinking worldwide, as people witnessed how thought, reasoning, and experiments could shape what societies believe. To put it simply, people believed in science.  However, it seems that over the past year and a half, politics warped what the public used to think concerning scientific facts and data. One American thinker went as far as asking if politics has killed science.

Victor Davis Hanson Ponders the Death of Science

On Thursday, September 16, The Daily Caller published an op-ed by American military historian, columnist, and classicist Victor Davis Hanson. Hanson described how the scientific method governed “much of popular American thinking” for years, as clear evidence and statistical data supported rational hypotheses. Yet, the politics and superstitions surrounding COVID-19 flipped this logical thought on its head.

Hanson highlighted how President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates seemingly ignore Americans who are now immune to coronavirus due to having gotten and recovered from the virus. Similarly, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s flip-flopping statements on mask efficacy and herd immunity also forced Americans to wonder which recommendations he’s suggested are actually based on science and not political coercion.

Do Woke Political Agendas Get a Free Pass to Ignore Science?

Hanson also used his article to address how some Black Lives Matter protestors received free passes to ignore lockdowns to walk in the streets for their “woke” cause. Additionally, President Biden mandated vaccines for the federal government and American businesses with over 100 employees but has yet to make a similar mandate for the tens of thousands of foreign nationals crossing our border in various ways every month.

On top of that, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris did little to support the vaccine before taking office. Hanson points out they repeatedly warned Americans they didn’t trust then-President Donald Trump’s vaccine rollout. Yet, when they took office, they promoted the exact same vaccines that Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program developed. Because of all this, how are Americans supposed to decipher who to believe and when to believe them?

Finding the Truth

Hanson does a spectacular job laying out all the hypocritical statements and policies that Americans have seen from politicians and lawmakers over the past year. More often than not, citizens want to look out for their fellow men and women and care for their community. Yet, with the vast amount of information circulating in this world, it’s hard for many to understand just what is true, safe, and worthwhile.

Hopefully, the political arena will soon see how they’re “killing science” and making our nation “poorer, angrier, and more divided” and correct their mistakes before it’s too late.

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