Reporter Reveals Key Detail About Kyle Rittenhouse Trial That’s Being Ignored

Reporter Reveals Key Detail About Kyle Rittenhouse Trial That's Being Ignored

( – The trial and ultimate acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse has captivated the nation, with people listening closely during testimony and scrutinizing every piece of evidence. Now that the jury has deliberated, the focus shifts to the news coverage on the whole situation, leading some people to call out the corporate media for the false narrative it has created.

Fox host Tucker Carlson spoke out about how the media has twisted the facts. In an opinion piece on November 16, he commented on the difference between information that came out in court and what news outlets have been pushing and how he found it utterly shocking.

He called out PolitiFact for a piece in which the publication stated it was illegal for Rittenhouse to possess a firearm because he was under the age of 18, but as shown in court, this was false. Still, other outlets continued to state the fallacy as fact, even after the judge dismissed the firearm charge against the teen.

Outlets also classified Rittenhouse as crossing the state line for the specific purpose of engaging in militia activities without any reason to do so. The truth is his father lives in Kenosha, so it was just as much home to him as Antioch, IL, where his mother lives, so the teen’s claim that he was protecting his community stands up.

Carlson’s opinion is that these media sources purposely create a dishonest storyline to fit their agenda, and he isn’t the only one with these thoughts. In the case, Judge Bruce Schroeder, the judge spoke out on November 17 to criticize the media for being irresponsible in its reporting. The actions have made him reconsider ever allowing reporters in his courtroom again.

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