Republican Candidate Blasts Trump Over Suggestion of Skipping Debates

( – GOP presidential candidate and conservative entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy said during a Sunday interview at NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he won’t let rival candidate and former President Donald Trump “get away” with no showing at the primary debates. Last week, Trump floated the chance of skipping these debates, with many analysts pointing out this could be a good strategy considering that all polls show him as the Republican candidate with higher popularity and the possibility of winning the nomination.

During the interview, host Chuck Todd asked Ramaswamy if he would support the former president in case he ends up deciding not to show up to the debates and eventually becomes the nominee. To that question, the conservative entrepreneur said he wouldn’t let Trump “get away with that,” as he claimed he doesn’t think any Republican candidate is going to “relish being on that debate stage with me.”

The conservative entrepreneur added that while people gave Trump credit in 2016 for being a “disrupter” and an outsider, he considered himself the only GOP candidate that embodies these two traits. Ramaswamy told Todd that the former president currently risks appearing like an “existing establishment,” and that his suggestion of skipping debates is the biggest example of how he wants “to be like Joe Biden.”

He also told Todd that candidates have a responsibility to appear at debates so voters can evaluate the potential leaders who will make critical decisions for the country. He also said that, given this situation, a presidential candidate should never be scared “to show up on a debate stage.”

Finally, the conservative entrepreneur said that he could be the best candidate as he claimed Republican voters are “hungry for new blood.” This is a similar message that GOP candidate and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has been claiming for weeks, as she said that people want new leadership.

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