Republican Leader Says It’s Time for Some D.C. Elites To Go to Jail

Republican Leader Says It's Time for Some D.C. Elites To Go to Jail

( – Midterms are less than a year away, and Republicans are poised to retake the US House of Representatives — and potentially, the Senate, too. As election season creeps up, the prospect of retaking Congress is empowering some members of the GOP to take action against corruption. US Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) already plans to send people to jail once her party steps back into power.

Taking Back the 118th

Cammack says that when her party retakes the House, their focus will be on holding officials accountable — up to and including jail time, if necessary.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Representative Cammack accused several people, including Hillary Clinton, Eric Holders, and a long list of others, of undermining or breaking the rule of law. She expressed anger over the fact that it seems like they’re never held accountable.

Cammack feels the current standard effectively boils down to “rules for thee, but not for me.” However, the Republican figurehead says that will all change if the GOP regains control of Congress.

Cammack also said the GOP plans to continue investigating the origins of the virus in a bid to regain the trust of the American people. It will also focus on the crisis in Afghanistan and the failed withdrawal of troops from the region.

Complications for Clinton

A potential Republican takeover isn’t the only problem Hillary Clinton might face in the coming months. John Durham, Special Counsel for the US Department of Justice (DOJ), has been investigating Clinton’s 2016 campaign team after rumors surfaced that they distributed misinformation about the Trump-Russia collusion case. Evidence collected during the probe suggests they may have fabricated evidence.

Dedicated Durham

Clinton remains a priority for Durham and the DoJ at large. But investigative journalist John Soloman believes the Special Counsel will likely move on to sanction the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) after the probe into Clinton’s campaign team culminates.

Soloman said that Durham has “two buckets.”

The first is full of the Clinton campaign and the team’s involvement in the fake Russian collusion. Evidence suggests that Clinton and her team were potentially going to feed the FBI fake details to frame Trump.

In the other “bucket” are questions about whether the FBI intentionally misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court in a bid to obtain the needed warrants to spy on Trump’s campaign.

The months leading up to the midterm election will surely become stressful for Clinton, her campaign staff, and anyone who tried to convict former President Donald Trump falsely. Will House Republicans push to hold people accountable, or is this just lip service to boost votes ahead of November?

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