Republican Senators Aim To Prevent China’s Purchases of American Land

Republican Senators Aim To Prevent China's Purchases of American Land

Republican Lawmakers Roadblock China’s U.S. Takeover Plot

( – According to US Senator Tommy Tuberville’s (R-AL) website, one of America’s biggest adversaries, China, has been spending the decade buying houses and property in the United States. A Chinese firm recently purchased 300 more acres, adding to the country’s already massive investment in American land. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is joining Tuberville in proposing a bill that would block firms with links to China from buying up US soil.

Cotton noted in a statement on Twitter that the foreign nation’s investment in US agriculture poses a risk to US food security. The Republican added the land purchases also give the Chinese Communist Party the potential to spy on critical infrastructure and American military bases. The 300 acres a Chinese firm just bought is near a US Air Force Base.

Tuberville held a similar sentiment on the issue. The Alabama Republican asserted that allowing the CCP to purchase domestic plots was undermining US national security. Tuberville expressed his hope that colleagues in Congress would join his effort to pass the Securing America’s Land From Foreign Interference Act to prevent the CCP from investing and getting involved in the US agricultural industry.

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