Republican Senators Blasts Military Senior Officials for Woke Trainings

( – GOP Senators criticized senior officials of the Air Force, Army and Navy during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Wednesday for their “woke” trainings, which were meant to enforce equity, inclusion and diversity among soldiers. The senators claimed that these trainings were among left-wing policies that are currently affecting recruitment challenges across the vast majority of military branches.

In the hearing, Republican Montana Senator Eric Schmitt said that President Joe Biden and his administration were deliberately politicizing the US military. He also criticized the undersecretaries for the Air Force and the Navy for not doing anything and defending what he referred to as an “equity agenda.”

Responding to these claims, Air Force acting Under Secretary Kristyn Jones said that equity and diversity were important to improve retention rates. Also, Navy Under Secretary Erik Raven told Schmitt that diverse teams were crucial for “warfighting capability.”

In addition to criticizing these senior officials, GOP Senators also called for numerous cuts to the so-called “woke programs” in the 2024 defense budget. 

About this issue, Republican Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, who is currently the Armed Services Committee ranking member, said during his introductory remarks that these woke trainings and the extremist ideologies that are currently being taught are the main reasons why so many young people don’t want to enlist. Also, Republican North Carolina Senator Ted Budd explained that what is currently taking place in the military are “radical agendas” and “social experiments” that are meant to alienate.

To this day, every single military branch beside the Space Force and Marine force is failing to meet the necessary recruitment numbers, which have been shrinking to meet the lower demand. In fact, numerous reports revealed that the Air Force and Navy barely managed to reach the necessary number of active-duty personnel in the last fiscal year, while the Army failed to meet its goal of 60,000 after ending with 15,000 less.

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