Republicans Prepare To Hold FBI Director In Contempt

( – According to a Fox News Tuesday report, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer took steps on Tuesday to declare FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of the Congress. Comer decided to take this action after the agency announced it wouldn’t comply with a Congress subpoena related to a criminal scheme. This one involves then-Vice President Joe Biden, in what many believe is another evidence of the FBI’s Democratic bias Despite this refusal, the agency said it will give full access to the document in a way that keeps its confidentiality and protects FBI investigations’ integrity.

As reported by the media outlet, Comer subpoenaed the agency for a document that supposedly described a criminal scheme involving Biden and a foreigner. Apparently, the scheme was related to a money exchange for policy decisions, which has prompted different speculations among political analysts.

The Kentucky Republican initially subpoenaed the document back in May. However, instead of turning the document over, the agency claimed it was unable to do it as it needed to protect the FBI’s confidential program.

Given this situation, Comer gave Director Wray until May 30th to provide the document. Nevertheless, the agency notified the House Oversight Committee Chairman that it wouldn’t be able to give him the proper documents.

Addressing this situation, Comer said in a statement that the agency’s decision to hide this “unclassified” information is unacceptable and “obstructionist.” He added that the Committee is formally taking steps to hold Wray in contempt for failing to comply with “a lawful subpoena.” Moreover, Comer said that the American people need to know the truth and that the Committee will keep “Demanding transparency” from the FBI.

Responding to this statement, the agency said that it’s still committed to cooperating with the Committee. However, many believe that the damage is already done, especially after the publication of the controversial Durham report. This one showed numerous missteps committed by the FBI during its investigation of the Trump-Russia collusion.

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