Republicans Warn Biden’s Migrant ID Cards Could Open Up Welfare to Illegals

Republicans Warn Biden's Migrant ID Cards Could Open Up Welfare to Illegals

Biden’s Latest Plot Could Push American Welfare To The BRINK

( – The liberal agenda wants to take one more giant leap toward fast-tracking illegal aliens into the United States system. This time, the Biden administration says spending taxpayers’ resources on migrant identification cards is the way to go. Whereas proponents feel the program would improve how the US handles its masses of illegal border crossers, some Republicans are warning the proposal could open the doors to far bigger problems.

The Proposal

Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials say offering ID cards would modernize migrant processing and improve accountability. It would give holders electronic access to details on their cases in real time. Immigrants also wouldn’t have to worry about carrying cumbersome paperwork, which is much easier to lose or destroy due to wear and tear.

The government has been increasingly following a “catch and release” policy as a result of the multitude of illegals currently sneaking in through the Mexican border. With the numbers out of control and nowhere left to put offenders, Biden and his team feel this shift in approach is their best bet at keeping tabs on as many migrants as possible.

Warnings Against Welfare Fraud

The House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform recently sent a letter urging Tae D. Johnson, acting director of ICE, to take a more critical look at the program. The group of 16 lawmakers, headed by Republican Kentucky Representative James Comer, expressed concerns the documentation could create abuse. They fear some savvy holders could find ways to use the cards as means to obtain housing, transportation, or healthcare benefits.

A representative from ICE confirmed that the IDs wouldn’t serve as official identification, meaning a person couldn’t use one in place of a state-issued identification card or other similar documentation. Whether illegals find ways around the hurdle remains to be seen.

Other Pros and Cons

Proponents of the policy say going digital will save the government millions of dollars because the cards will be more efficient. They believe making the system easier for users to navigate will ensure more people remain compliant with check-ins and court dates. In turn, a higher percentage of users would stay in contact with case officers and the immigration courts, meaning fewer would fall off the grid.

Lawmakers who oppose the idea say it will only encourage more border crossings. The opponents point out that Biden’s administration has already allowed the release of 1,048,000 illegal immigrants throughout the US since President Joe Biden took office. Officials need to be implementing policies that deter rather than add to those figures. They believe distribution and enforcement of the ID cards is a gross waste of taxpayer money, noting the recipients are all lawbreakers because they began their relationship with the US by entering illegally.

Do you think migrant ID cards are a good idea, or should lawmakers focus more on ways to close the border?

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