Research Team Thinks They Found What?

Research Team Thinks They Found What?

Research Team Finds Something Disturbing Lurking In The Ocean Depths

( – The megalodon was likely the largest fish ever to swim the earth’s seas. The massive marine creature, which lived about 20 million years ago and reached lengths of nearly 60 feet, has been extinct for 3.6 million years. Despite the odds, a team of researchers with the Atlantic Shark Institute recently shared that this creature might still be among us.

The institute took to Instagram with a photo that looked strikingly like a large fish, heading with the question, “Does the Meg exist?” The caption noted the image would correlate to something weighing 40 tons and measuring 50 feet in length if experts could confirm it was a single large animal. After considerable excitement, all hopes of confirmation dissolved when the digital picture shifted, revealing itself as a massive mackerel school.

Other Instagram users slammed the researchers for even posting the image. One called the share “embarrassing,” adding any fisherman would know what they were witnessing. Another wrote, “Y’all scientists are rookies w a fish finder.” While the image does resemble a shark, it would have depicted an oddly shaped profile. Still, the picture awed some users, while others suggested they were looking at a whale or possibly a submarine.

The megalodon might remain extinct, but researchers have rediscovered other species in the past, some long after experts believed the last of their kind had perished. Take, for example, the coelacanth. Experts deemed the 200-pound fish extinct for millions of years until it appeared in 1998. So, while this latest “discovery” might have been a bust, there’s always hope another megalodon is out there, just waiting for someone to find it.

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