Restaurant Attack Leaves Someone Stabbed, Attacker Shot Dead

Restaurant Attack Leaves Someone Stabbed, Attacker Shot Dead

( – Patrons having dinner at one of Detroit’s most popular steakhouses got more than a mouthful when a violent scuffle broke out between a security guard and a customer who refused to remove his jacket after being asked multiple times.

According to reports, police were called from Detroit’s Prime and Proper Steakhouse just after midnight on Saturday. The incident occurred at the restaurant’s VIP club, “Cash Only,” found in the basement of the building. A witness who spoke to FOX 2 Detroit said a customer became hostile with security guards when they attempted to enforce a strict “no cell phones and no coats” dress code policy.

The witness said the 52-year-old suspect refused the guard’s request multiple times, leaving them no choice but to escort the man out of the building. He said the man became angry and started fighting with the guards, then pulled a pocket knife and stabbed one of the security guards several times. A second security guard un-holstered a concealed firearm and aimed it at the suspect, commanding him to drop the knife.

The armed security guard shot the man when he didn’t stop, killing him instantly. The wounded security guard sustained multiple life-threatening injuries requiring him to undergo a five-hour surgery.

A representative from Heirloom Hospitality Group, the company which owns the fine dining establishment, told Fox 2 News that investigators had all available information and surveillance video clips from the incident. The undisclosed source also called the guard’s response a blatant act of self-defense.

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