RFK Jr. Changes Course, Goes All In on Attacking Biden

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Democratic leader and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said during a July 23 interview at Fox News that the Biden family’s case is worth a “real” investigation. He explained that the allegations surrounding US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden about allegedly receiving $5 million in bribes need to be probed.

When asked about the corruption scandals that involve the Bidens, Kennedy said that the American people need to know “what happened.” He added that the “revelations” about Burisma are concerning as this is a “notoriously corrupt” company that allegedly paid $10 billion to the president and his son. The presidential candidate said that authorities need to investigate this whole case, adding that, if these accusations are true, it would be “really troubling.” 

His comments about President Biden and Hunter Biden represent a significant change of course, as he has been refusing to make any comment about this alleged corruption case. However, Kennedy claimed in the interview that even when some polls show that many Americans feel concerned about this case, he didn’t want to focus on “ad hominem attacks.” Kennedy then said it was time to talk about this matter as the later revelations were too “troubling.”

When asked if people should feel concerned about corruption, the Democratic leader agreed. Nevertheless, he also explained that even when this is a concerning case, he didn’t want to make this alleged corruption case about the Bidens the cornerstone of his campaign. 

On July 20, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley released an FBI information record that revealed the Bidens received the millionaire payment from Mykola Zlochevsky. The payment was allegedly made after then-vice president Biden threatened to withhold military aid to Kyiv unless President Petro Poroshenko fired the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.

Over the last few weeks, many polls have been showing that most Americans believe that the Biden family received millionaire payments from China. Additionally, 61 percent of Americans believe that Hunter Biden benefited from the plea deal with prosecutor David Weiss.

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