RNC Faces Uncertainty

RNC Faces Uncertainty

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Republican National Convention (RNC) has had, and continues to have, a difficult time finding the right state to serve as its host. As Florida becomes the country’s new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, the RNC, which is set to take place in mid-August, may not happen as planned.

To start, multiple Republican senators announced they will not attend the upcoming RNC in Jacksonville, Florida. Meanwhile, multiple Jacksonville attorneys filed a lawsuit against the City of Jacksonville, the Republican National Committee, and President Donald Trump’s campaign to strictly limit the attendance at the reelection convention.

In order to keep the gathering on the books, two outdoor venues are being considered:

This all comes during a time where other conventions are being called off as well. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) canceled the Republican Party’s state convention, forcing it to move online and instructing the venue to cancel its contract with the party. The Texas GOP chose to sue mayor Turner in response to this.

As governments tighten their grip on group size restrictions, the line between government overstep, public safety, and personal liberty wears thin. Each American has the right to decide for themselves what precautions to take rather than have that decided for them.

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