RNC to Go After Radical Democrats With Ad Blitz

RNC to Go After Radical Democrats With Ad Blitz

(AmericanProsperity.com) – As the Radical Left continues to push its highly-controversial H.R.1 bill through Congress, the GOP is fighting back. This week, reports revealed that the Republican National Committee (RNC) will use a targeted video campaign to diminish support for the bill by highlighting just how destructive it could be.

According to Fox News reports, the RNC will spend six figures on ads educating the public about the true content of HR1. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel shared her thoughts on the bill on Twitter:

The “For the People Act” uses multiple avenues to keep Democrats in office for a long time with provision such as:

  • Public funding for congressional campaigns
  • Automatic registration of voters
  • A requirement of over two weeks of early voting for federal elections
  • Presidents must disclose 10 years of tax returns

These are only a few of the provisions the Left is pushing through their “For the People Act.” Thankfully, the RNC is committed to ensuring Americans are truly aware of what radical ideas the bill contains and what the Left plans to do with their power should the bill pass. Hopefully, these ads will help constituents see and speak out against the bill to secure our nation’s future.

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