Ron DeSantis Axes Misleading “Civics” Bill With Veto

Ron DeSantis Axes Misleading

( – A solid education prepares the next generation to lead successful lives. So, it’s up to each state and local government to ensure student’s classes, teachers, and opportunities foster an environment where children can learn to think for themselves. In a surprising, but understandable move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) protected his state’s children from an oddly-phrased “action civics” bill that could have been a disaster.

Back in April, the Florida House and Senate both unanimously passed SB 146, entitled “Civic Literacy Education.” However, on Tuesday, June 29, Governor DeSantis vetoed the bill without warning, claiming the state already has a “strong civics curriculum in every grade level.” He warned that the proposed bill “risks promoting the preferred orthodoxy of two particular institutions.”

While he did not specifically note which institutions he was protecting his state’s students from, he was likely referencing a National Review op-ed from June that asked the governor to veto the bill that highlighted the “huge danger signs” of programs the bill would introduce at the YMCA and University of South Florida.

Miami Herald reporter Ana Ceballos shared the National Review article as well as more details on the governor’s veto:

SB 146 intentionally has Republican-friendly language, but Governor DeSantis was not fooled. Through his bold move, DeSantis showed his integrity, intelligence, and willingness to fight for his state with whatever it takes.

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