Ron DeSantis Questions US Alliance With Australia

Ron DeSantis Questions US Alliance With Australia

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is exceptionally clear about his stance on restrictive COVID policies. In fact, he recently instituted a ban on mandatory masking in the Sunshine State. He then turned his attention to the world stage to defend global freedom. 

DeSantis pointed the finger at Australia during a speaking engagement at the International Boat Builders’ Conference in Tampa on September 28. There, he drew attention to the foreign nation’s draconian and problematic COVID-19 policies. He also questioned whether Australians are any freer than communist China in light of the restrictions.

DeSantis also asked the crowd if US leaders should continue diplomatic relations if they refuse to maintain freedom.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison attempted to assuage criticisms of their authoritarian measures during September’s 76th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York. 

Morrison also called the conflict between leadership styles a misunderstanding, attributing it to “social differences.” He argued that Australia generally takes a more pragmatic approach to the pandemic than the US. 

Is Governor DeSantis correct to question Australia’s dedication to freedom? More importantly, should US leaders continue to preserve diplomatic relations with the country if they’re no longer dedicated to that cause? A review of footage from protests in Melbourne on the 22nd will make one question if the rest of the country shares the Prime Minister’s alleged “pragmatism.”   

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