Ron DeSantis Tells Enemies to “Get Out” of Their Bubble

Ron DeSantis Tells Enemies to

( – Ron DeSantis isn’t a stranger to criticism. The Republican governor of Florida also isn’t afraid to speak his mind and fire back at those critical of him. His most recent display of strength came in the form of telling his critics to get out of their comfort zones.

The governor made his position clear on Florida’s controversial Parental Rights in Education bill. DeSantis has been doing a good job of defending his bills, most notably this one, and standing up to the narrative that reporters are trying to push. The governor’s statement came after a reporter asked him if he thought the recent bill would impact how businesses perceive coming to Florida.

The Republican told people to get out of their bubble and talk to parents, adding that they’d learn the majority didn’t want gender identity and sexual orientation taught to kindergarteners, or to first and second graders. DeSantis added Floridians want their kids to be kids before mentioning how he has provided business opportunities in Florida by opening the economy early during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor DeSantis asserted that businesses want to come to Florida due to the business climate he’s created. The Republican noted that Florida is going to continue to be a great place and that people living in a bubble can think what they want, even if they’re out of touch with reality.

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