Ron Johnson Will Support the Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Ron Johnson Will Support the Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Top Republican JOINS Democrat Marriage Push

( – A loyal ally of Donald Trump, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), is also facing a brutal reelection campaign ahead of the looming midterms. Of all the GOP senators vying to keep their seats, Johnson is seemingly the most at risk of losing his. Perhaps his support for a same-sex marriage bill will change that.

Speaking with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Republican noted how Democrats are attempting to use the Respect for Marriage Act to divide Americans for political advantage. Johnson asserted that he didn’t see the need for such a bill but added that he would support the measure if it came before the Senate.

The Respect for Marriage Act, which recently passed the House with bipartisan support of 47 Republicans, would scrap the Defense of Marriage Act from 1996 and force states to recognize the legal bond regardless of sexual orientation. GOP lawmakers have considered the bill “unnecessary,” citing a Supreme Court ruling in the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges case, which required states to both perform and recognize the bond of same-sex couples.

After the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which disbanded the requirement that states must allow women to seek abortions, Justice Clarence Thomas noted the court should look into its protections of same-sex unions. Concerns have grown that the conservative-heavy bench may reverse the 2015 ruling as well. However, Senator Johnson doesn’t feel the Supreme Court will go that far.

Will Republican’s support of same-sex marriage boost his chances at reelection? Or will it not be enough?

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