Ron Klain Caught Asking Hunter Biden for Money

Ron Klain Caught Asking Hunter Biden for Money

( – Fox News Digital released a bombshell report on Tuesday that shows email communications between White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden from 2012. Klain, who had served as the vice president’s chief of staff during the Obama administration, asked Biden’s son for a private donation to help fund the VP’s residence at the US Naval Observatory. Klain asked the young Biden to keep the request “low low key.”

Klain, who worked for AOL mogul Steve Case at the time, was using his influence to solicit money for Biden’s residence. According to the Fox report, Klain blamed former Vice President Dick Cheney for under-funding Vice President’s Residence Foundation (VPRF) in his final year, leaving a shortage for 2013. The Biden insider said he would solicit $2,000 donations from 10 Biden supporters, quietly, and then do an official fundraiser for the foundation “after the election.”

The VPRF is a legitimate foundation that serves the public interest, and private donations are neither forbidden nor uncommon. There is no public record of the individual donations, but Fox reports that the entity’s taxes show $20,500 in contributions that year.

It’s possible that Klain wanted to keep the transactions low-key at the time because of the optics of collecting a donation from family members. Had he been able to look into the future, he’d see a Hunter Biden wrought with controversy and scandal, the subject of investigation after investigation. The current White House finds itself answering questions about the president’s offspring rather than its stance on Ukraine or the upcoming midterms.

Hunter Biden has often been named as a recipient of his father’s nepotism. Legal or not, ethical or not, the president’s legacy could be completely overshadowed by the actions of his seemingly selfish son.

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