Ron Paul Compares Putin to COVID-19

Ron Paul Compares Putin to COVID-19

( – Ron Paul, a former Congressman from Texas, has spent several years serving as a US Representative. The politician has even tried to run for president on multiple occasions. Paul, who’s switched parties numerous times in his career, bouncing between Republican and Libertarian, recently compared COVID-19 to Russia’s President.

The father of US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Ron Paul remains an outspoken critic of government policies. Most recently he claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was the new COVID-19, explaining that the Biden administration will be using Putin instead of the virus as an excuse moving forward.

Paul mentioned in his March 7 column for his think tank, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, that Biden’s recent State of the Union speech, which he delivered without a mask, signified the near end of the COVID-driven tyranny. The former Congressman added that luckily for the White House, Congress, and the Federal Reserve, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine will serve as a new excuse, replacing COVID-19.

Paul asserted it will become the excuse for the current government’s expansion of power. He noted how much of the American public took the federal lawmaker’s word regarding the science surrounding COVID-19, adding many are now doing the same with the conflict in Eastern Europe.

The former Congressman mentioned how companies, especially big tech, are de-platforming anyone going against what he called the official narrative. He recalled how they did it with COVID-19 and are now doing the same with Russia and Ukraine. Paul explained the only way to stop an authoritarian government is to get the public to understand politicians will do whatever they have to in order to keep their power.

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