Ron Paul Reports A Sneaky Act By Joe Biden

( – Former Rep. Ron Paul called the president’s H.R. 5376 bill, otherwise known as the Inflation Reduction Act, a “vicious financial scheme,” according to a sponsored article published on Breitbart News. Paul recalled when Biden could not get his Build Back Better agenda passed through Congress and so remarked that they just split it up into little pieces. 

In August 2022, Republican Rep. Jason Smith reportedly said that the legislation would continue to aggravate inflation, adding $114 billion to the national debt because it masks the actual price of the bill. 

Paul reportedly said that the federal government will make the dollar worthless by continuing to print money. This will erode the currency and therefore the savings and retirement of average Americans. But the former politician allegedly has a solution for the American people. He suggested that they invest in physical gold which will avoid taxation. He also allegedly said that physical gold is more trustworthy than “paper gold.” 

The free information Paul then provides the American people is from Birch Gold Group. On the financial group’s website, they boast the endorsement of Ben Shapiro. They also boast exclusive interviews with Peter Schiff, Steve Forbes, and others. 

The “FREE 20-page Info Kit on Gold IRAs” is an alleged “courtesy” of Paul’s friends at the financial company. Paul then claims that printing money is never going to stop because it helps Democrats win elections. Preparing for retirement and keeping the possibility of enjoying it means that everyone “MUST” diversify their portfolio and invest in precious metals that will not erode in value the same way the dollar is as a result of irresponsible spending and printing. 

One user commented on the article that Ron Paul is not actually selling gold, but gold certificates.  “This means WHEN, not if, Birch Gold goes belly up, you will be left holding an empty or almost empty bag,” he said.  It remains unclear how much money Ron Paul is receiving from this sponsorship of a “Gold IRA.”

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