Round Two For Rainstorms in California

Aerial stock photo of downtown Oakland California and Lake Merritt early in the morning at sunrise.

( – Two dangerous storms are bringing in yet another huge wave of rainstorms to California. These rainstorms are fueled by an atmospheric river that hit Northern California first and is continuing south to Southern California where it will bring storms on Sunday and into Monday.

The spokesman for the state’s Office of Emergency Operations Services, Brian Ferguson, said that the first storm is expected to bring a “significant threat to the safety of Californians,” as it’s supposed to bring in lots of rainfall and high winds. Forecasters are saying that the second storm that passes through is expected to be even stronger than the first, but California residents should be prepared for both.

The first storm hit California and brought them between 3 to 5 inches of rain in the Northern part of California. Many parts had flash flood warnings and wind gusts that were up to 70mph. In Southern California, the rain reached about 1 inch per hour, which flooded roads in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

The storm is expected to continue traveling and has resulted in flood warnings in California until Friday, as well as snowfall for mountain areas such as the Sierra Nevada mountains. It will then slide into Arizona causing heavy rain around Tucson and Phoenix with an expected 2 feet of snowfall in mountainous areas. Even states like New Mexico and Texas are experiencing high wind watches as a result of the storm.

Sunday, the second storm is expected to hit California bringing several inches of rain and flooding through Monday. For California, in total, the state can expect between 5 inches and 10 inches of rainfall with potential flash flooding, mudslides, and rockslides. Alongside the rainfall, mountain areas such as the Sierra Nevada mountains can expect to see 5 feet or more of snow during that same period.

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