Russia Fears Attacks From Ukraine as Putin Fails To Deliver

Russia Fears Attacks From Ukraine as Putin Fails To Deliver

Ukraine Pushes Back Russian Invaders

( – Ukraine, which has faced attack by Russia for more than half a year, recently experienced a turnaround. Originally, Russia was advancing and seizing parts of Eastern Ukraine, specifically in the Donbas region. Now, the invaders fear Ukrainian forces might pursue and invade them after they made a significant push to retake much of their homeland.

Turning the Tables

For months, Russian forces have brutalized and terrorized the Ukrainian people. Many people became displaced. Artillery destroyed homes and businesses. Traumatized families had no chance to mourn properly or bury their loved ones. On September 10, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a statement letting his citizens and the world know that Ukraine has regained control of 1,200 square miles after successfully driving the invaders back.

In fact, Ukraine’s comeback has members of the Russian border community of Belgorod scared they will face an invasion now. The New York Times sat down with members of the town who expressed their concerns about Ukrainian forces crossing the border. The Russians explain how they’re scared in their day-to-day life as they hear explosions in the distance. President Vladimir Putin had done his best to keep the conflict past the horizon for his people. Yet now, many feel the same fear their military invoked on the Ukrainians.

Russian Retreat

Ukrainian forces recently made massive breakthroughs with their counteroffensive, forcing Russian invaders back across the border. The Telegraph claimed an unidentified Ukrainian intelligence soldier told them Russian troops retreated so fast that they left large stockpiles of ammunition, armaments, and vehicles for the Ukraine military. The Defense Ministry of Ukraine tweeted a video showing caches of the Russian equipment.

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense updated the public on the war in Ukraine, noting in a statement that much of the Russian forces in the North Eastern region of the country have resorted to taking “emergency defensive actions.”

In his statement, Zelenskyy stated that Russian troops were “showing their backs,” claiming it was their best. The wartime leader asserted that was their best course of action, declaring there was “no place for occupiers in Ukraine.”

Could this possibly be the beginning of the end of the war in Eastern Europe? Perhaps Ukraine is on its way to successfully defending itself from Russia. Do you think Zelenskyy will advance his forces into Russia?

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