Russia Is Losing in a Big Way After Ukraine Army Holds Them Back

Russia Is Losing in a Big Way After Ukraine Army Holds Them Back

Putin’s Forces DECIMATED As They Throw Themselves Against Ukraine’s Defenders

( – The war in Ukraine has raged for over 130 days, with no sign of ending anytime soon. Russia has experienced several setbacks throughout the course of its invasion due to a much heavier resistance than anyone had expected. Putin’s soldiers may have the upper hand in the fight, but they’re losing in a big way, especially after the smaller country successfully defended the Donbas region.

Both sides have experienced significant losses as a result of this ongoing conflict, with a high likelihood that many more people will die before it concludes. Moscow seems to be taking the biggest hit. The invading country has lost over 36,000 troops since the war began on February 24, not to mention all the equipment and weapons, including battle tanks, aircraft, and artillery systems, that have fallen with the soldiers.

The New Voice of Ukraine reported Russia’s worst losses came recently as its forces attempted to overtake Donetsk and Slovyansk, two states in the Donbas region. As the war drags on, Moscow has had no choice but to change its plan of action several times. But with the number of losses the Kremlin is taking, no scheme has apparently been successful yet, especially given the fact Putin expected to steamroll the smaller Ukraine. Will Russia continue to push? Or will the invading forces finally concede to avoid losing even more equipment and warfighters?

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