Russia Orders VICTIMS Onto The Field!

Russia Uses Sick People As Soldiers

Russia Uses Sick People As Soldiers

( – The war in eastern Europe continues to rage on as Ukraine tries to defend itself from Vladimir Putin’s forces. Many observers expected the conflict to be over quickly, and the invaders weren’t prepared for a long-term engagement. As the war drags on into its ninth month, Russia is becoming desperate and has started recruiting its sickest people to fight in the battle.

Ukrainian intelligence officials claim Wagner, a Russian private military company, has started to recruit convicts with infectious diseases. Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine claimed the invaders’ practice of recruiting sick inmates has become widespread, adding that Wagner has recruited hundreds infected with Hepatitis C and HIV. However, it’s not just sick people Russia has resorted to recruiting. The country is also offering cash incentives to those in mental facilities.

The intelligence agency claimed Russia outfits infected prisoners with color-coded wristbands. Red bands indicate the person has HIV, and white means the person has Hepatitis. Inmates who happen to get injured during combat don’t receive medical attention or assistance. Ukraine has captured several of them.

Russia’s recruitment of these individuals is a strong indicator that President Putin is becoming desperate to find new fighters for his war against Ukraine. What he declared as a “special military operation” in the beginning stages of the invasion could easily end in undeniable defeat. But will the Russian leader know when to call it quits?

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