Russia Says Biden Must Apologize Over Insane Murder Claims About Putin

Russia Says Biden Must Apologize Over Insane Murder Claims About Putin

( – There’s nothing like a good insult to fan the flame of a diplomatic disagreement. This week, President Joe Biden delivered sharp words against Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Good Morning America, upsetting the country’s leader quite a bit.

Biden Considers Putin a “Killer”

On Wednesday, March 17, an interview between President Biden and ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos aired where the two men discussed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), the border crisis, and a myriad of international relations issues.

As the conversation turned towards Russia, Stephanopoulos asked Biden if he considered President Putin a “killer,” to which our commander-in-chief responded, “I do.” He added that the Russian president is also “going to pay” for attempting to swap public opinion in the 2020 election. Unsurprisingly, these comments did not go over well in Moscow.

Russia Demands an Apology

Moscow began responding to the murder claims by recalling its ambassador to the US, then demanding both an explanation and an apology from Biden. The Russian Foreign Ministry said these comments marked “an irreversible deterioration in relations” between our two countries.

Biden Likely to Impose Additional Sanctions on Russia in the Coming Weeks

After greatly upsetting the Russian president, Biden is likely going to add fuel to the fire by imposing new sanctions on Russian oligarchs close to Putin. All of this is occurring after the National Intelligence Council released a declassified report detailing how Russia tried to discredit Biden during his presidential campaign, as well as other foreign threats to the 2020 federal election.

Over the past months, Russia has allegedly poisoned opposition leaders with nerve agents, attacked US cyber networks, and paid Taliban groups to target our troops. Due to Biden’s declarations, the tension growing between our two nations can now be cut with a butter knife, and we must hope Biden knows what he’s doing.

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