Russia Showcases Rocket-Launching Robotic Dog at Army Expo

Russia Showcases Rocket-Launching Robotic Dog at Army Expo

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( – Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has been ongoing for nearly half a year, Russia is holding a military expo. During one part of the event, officials unveiled an invention right out of science fiction, a robotic dog. While electronics have become increasingly more advanced, this machine could change how the world fights wars.

Video shows the mechanical canine walking across the conference floor at Russia’s Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum. The machine moves forward, backward and can even turn itself around. The robot version of man’s best friend also lowered itself to the ground in what appeared to be a lying position.

According to Newsweek, a spokesperson for the engineers behind the machine explained it will be capable of operating in both civilian and wartime environments. They mentioned the robotic dog could transport medication through combat environments, survey its surroundings, and use and move weapons.

While Russia’s announcement of the technology is a concerning development, especially amid the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe, this is far from the first time such a machine has emerged. Earlier this year reported the Portland Air National Guard received a similar robotic canine for surveillance and security purposes. A police department in the Sunshine State also received SPOT, a different mechanical dog, earlier this year for use in situations where first responders would be at risk.

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