Russia Steamrolls Over Joe Biden in Humiliating Fashion

Russia Steamrolls Over Joe Biden In Humiliating Fashion

( – After Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer” in a pre-recorded interview, Americans have been awaiting a response directly from the Russian ruler. Without missing a beat, Putin spoke directly to Biden in a posted video message, harshly criticizing him for his insult when he has his own past to deal with.

President Putin Replies to Biden’s Harsh Words

On Thursday, March 18, President Putin responded to Biden’s critiques with his own five-minute video message. Putin ensured our president should not think of himself too highly, highlighting the less than wonderful qualities of our nation’s past. From bringing sickness to the Indian tribes here in America to the slavery that occurred on our shores, Putin criticized our nation harshly.

He steamrolled Biden by bluntly stating “whatever you say about others is what you are yourself.” He emphasized that most Americans are “honest, decent, and sincere people,” but criticized the “establishment” for the turmoil in our nation’s past.

Biden Talks About the America-Russia Relationship

Towards the end of his video statement, Putin talked about how the United States is putting forth an agenda that’s only of interest to the United States and “on its own terms.” He ensured President Biden that he’ll care for his own nation and urged our president to do the same. With this, the Russian president declared Biden will “have to reckon with” the decisions that have been made.

Putin also said that the United States can no longer punish itself for standards that it does not hold itself to. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for Biden to realize the socialist agenda he’s imposing upon our nation is crippling us, rather than allowing America to be a leader in our world.

Our World’s Superpowers Stand Up to Biden

China has released similar statement’s to Biden’s recently, standing up to the United States and President Biden. But, our commander-in-chief must not let himself get pushed around, but rather allow America and its citizens to stand up for the ideals it was built on: freedom, liberty, and justice for all. Only then will we garner respect again from other nations and lead our world forward.

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