Russia Suffers Devastating Military Losses Over Christmas

Russia Suffers Devastating Military Losses Over Christmas

( – Russian forces suffered a massive blow over Christmas, with Newsweek reporting losses of nearly 550 soldiers and five tanks during the holiday. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned the setback could cause Russian President Vladimir Putin to double down in his offensive efforts. Meanwhile, the possibility of peace talks between the two leaders remains slim.

The devastation over Christmas is only a fraction of the losses the Kremlin has suffered since invading its neighboring country on February 24, 2022. According to a recent tweet from the Ukrainian government, Russia had already lost 102,600 troops, 3016 tanks, and thousands of vehicles and weapons since the war began.

Putin has indicated he’s open to peace talks, but according to the AP News, he is demanding Ukraine accept that the Crimean Peninsula and other captured regions belong to Russia. A spokesperson for Zelenskyy said Ukraine’s leaders were also willing to discuss a truce — but only if Russia answers for its war crimes.

Experts don’t express much hope for peace as the situation currently stands, with some waiting to see how a shift in gears sets the stage once the bitter winter temperatures give way to milder spring weather. Money and manpower will be major factors as the war rages on, and the degree of NATO’s future involvement could play a role in the outcome.

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