Russia To Block Ukraine’s Ports in Unsettling New Strategy

Russia To Block Ukraine's Ports in Unsettling New Strategy

Check Mate – Putin’s Latest Blackmail Scheme Will Wreak Havoc Worldwide

( – The war machine continues to churn in Eastern Europe as Russia and Ukraine battle it out. President Vladimir Putin has seen his forces struggle to gain control of vital areas in the smaller country, leading many to believe this conflict is far from over. As war drags out, it drives the involved parties to think of different ways to defeat one other. In this case Russia has instituted a block on Ukraine’s ports, halting imports and exports.

James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), spoke with John Catsimatidis on his radio show, “Cats Roundtable.” During his time on the show, Stavridis asserted there would be a “new front” in the ongoing war in Eastern Europe.

The former commander believes the future may bring a need for Ukraine’s Western allies to escort their grain shipments, both incoming and outgoing. Stavridis also mentioned the fact that Russia has 40 warships while Ukraine doesn’t have any, allowing the invading country to block Ukraine’s coast.

Stavridis speculates that Russia is attempting to sever Ukraine’s ability to export grain, which is crucial to the country’s economy but also important to the world’s food supply. He explained that it will likely be the United Nations (UN), NATO allies, and the United States largely escorting grain shipments to and from Ukraine. The former commander believes the issue will likely develop within the coming weeks.

Ukraine and the US have been planning a way to remove the Russian warships from the equation, with America sending anti-ship weaponry. The country has also been talking with the UN about helping it get grain shipments past the Russian blockade.

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