Russian Anti-War Journalist Rushed to Hospital in France

( – A Russian reporter who opposed the invasion of Ukraine live on air said on October 13 that she was feeling “much better” after being rushed to a hospital following a suspected poisoning. According to different reports, the 45-year-old journalist Marina Ovsyannikova called emergency services in France on October 12 and was immediately hospitalized after drastically falling ill as soon as she left her apartment in Paris. She told health personnel she thought she was being poisoned.

However, the Russian reporter posted a video on her Telegram channel where she said that every test she went through revealed she wasn’t poisoned. She told her followers she was feeling “much better now,” and noted she will no longer talk about “poisoning” as there are no “toxic substances” in her blood or her system.

Ovsyannikova also pointed out that, contrary to what was initially reported, doctors didn’t find any white powder. In her Telegram post, she said that the “deterioration” of her health condition was “so sudden” that police authorities in France decided to open a formal investigation into the matter. She added that the fact that French prosecutors decided to take this step wasn’t “surprising,” as she explained that everyone in France knows that Russian President Vladimir Putin poison journalists and politicians everywhere in the world.

The Russian journalist, who used to work at one of Russia’s main state television channels “One,” drew international attention in 2022 when she appeared behind an evening news broadcast anchor with a sign that called for the stop of the invasion. The sign also said, “don’t believe the propaganda.”

Ovsyannikova was charged by Russian authorities with disparaging the Russian military and was fined $250. A couple of months after this controversy, she staged a demonstration near the Kremlin where she was detained by police and placed under house arrest. She eventually escaped with her daughter to France, as she said she feared for her life.

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