Russian Fighter Jet Forces Down US Spy Drone

( – US officials announced that a Russian fighter jet crashed into the propeller of a US spy drone on Tuesday. Following the incident, which took place over the Black Sea in southeastern Europe, the US military condemned the Russian regime for what it considered to be a reckless and irresponsible behavior.

In a statement, the US European Command (EUCOM) said that two Russian Su-27 jets managed to intercept a US MQ-9 surveillance drone, ducking in front of it and sloshing over its system through international airspace until it struck the drone’s propeller, which forced the US to neutralize it over high seas.

In a separate statement, Air Force General James B. Hecker, who serves as the commander of the United States Air Forces Europe and Air Forces Africa, explained that the American spy drone was conducting regular operations in global airspace when it was suddenly intercepted and struck by the Russian fighter jet, which caused it to crash and end up being entirely destroyed. Hecker also said that the act conducted by the Russian fighter yet was so “unsafe and unprofessional” that it almost caused a massive crash between the two aircraft.

Finally, Hecker said that even when this was an unfortunate event, the US and its allied aircraft won’t stop conducting these standard operations in global airspace. He also called for Russia to conduct itself in a safer and more professional manner. 

In addition, the EUCOM warned that these types of incidents could eventually escalate tensions between the United States government and the Russian regime, which are already at a delicate point after Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine.

Responding to the US accusations, the Russian Ministry of Defense denied any wrongdoing from the Russian aircraft, saying later that the fighter jet lost control during its flight and eventually crashed. It also accused the US of flying a drone near Crimea and entering into an area that Russia recently declared restricted.

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