Russian Hackers Breach US Treasury (REPORT)

Russian Hackers Breach US Treasury (REPORT)

( – It’s no surprise the United States is targeted by hackers all over the world. But, it’s a rare occasion that they actually succeed. Russian hackers, commonly called APT29 or Cozybear, infiltrated US Treasury and Commerce emails, as well as other agencies’ email networks.

On Sunday, December 13, it was revealed the hackers targeted SolarWinds Orion products over the weekend, which had been updated in March and June this year. SolarWinds provides many products to Fortune 500 companies and services to multiple government agencies. The company instructed clients on how to start addressing the issues:

The same day, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released Emergency Directive 21-01 stating the products in question “are currently being exploited by malicious actors.”

CISA shared more on Twitter:

The United States is the world’s superpower, which also means it will be attacked by those envious of our freedom and prosperity. While small security breaches happen from time to time, our nation has some of the best cybersecurity experts ready to fight back.

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