Russian Navy HQ Explodes — Ukraine Suspected To Be Behind Attack

Russian Navy HQ Explodes -- Ukraine Suspected To Be Behind Attack

Headquarters BLOWS UP – Suspect Behind The Attack Named!

( – The war in Eastern Europe continues. Now entering its sixth month in the conflict, Ukraine is doing what it can to fend off its invaders. A Russian Navy headquarters exploded on August 20, and officials believe Ukrainian forces were behind the attack.

Smoke rolled into the sky over Crimea during the morning hours of August 20, after a kamikaze drone strike resulted in a massive explosion at the Russian HQ. According to the Daily Mail, Mikhail Razvozhaev, the Governor of Sevastopol, took to Telegram to confirm the attack, mentioning Putin’s forces failed to shoot down the drone despite trying to do so. He added there were no casualties.

The August 20 explosion is only the most recent in a string of blasts this month that have taken place in the occupied peninsula. Intelligence officials explained that the attacks demonstrated Ukraine’s ability to devastate Russian forces and showed how the strikes impacted the invaders’ logistics. Officials from the West have noted the offensive knocked out half of Russia’s naval aviation force in the Black Sea. The blast comes just a week after one of Putin’s air bases suffered an attack in Crimea, resulting in the loss of nine warplanes. The officials added that Russia’s invasion has come to a halt.

Is this news an indication that Ukraine is beating back its invaders?

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