Russian War Ship Docked in Cuba Sits Startlingly Close to US Mainland

( – According to a CNN’s July 13 report, a Russian warship arrived in Cuba’s capital Havana, representing the first official visit of a naval vessel to the Caribbean Island in years. Citing Cuba’s state-run new service ACN, the network reported that the Russian sailors will carry out “a wide range” of operations. It added that the Cuban people will be able to tour the Perekop ship.

The network explained that this visit is aimed to strengthen the relationship between Havana and Moscow, which have been allies since the Cold War. CNN also noted that Biden administration officials said they believe the Kremlin is taking this step to allow Russia to “project power” close to US shores.

Over the last few years, the communist regime of Cuba has been criticizing NATO’s “illegal expansion” toward Russia. Since the Kremlin decided to invade Ukraine in 2022, Cuba has shown support for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, Russia has provided the Caribbean Island with $167 million worth of oil.

The Perekop’s visit comes after the Kremlin announced the exchange of high-level delegations and numerous agreements between the two countries. These include allowing the Russian government to develop beachside facilities near Havana to enhance Cuba’s tourism industry. Different reports revealed that one of the main points of this deal was that these facilities would have a supermarket that will only sell Russian products.

Research fellow at the University of Texas Jorge Piñon told CNN that, since the beginning of the war with Ukraine, Russia has sent more oil to Cuba than ever before. He told the network that the Kremlin is doing this not only because Cuba is a major ally in the Americas but also because Russia’s tourism ambitions won’t work “without fuel.”

The vessel’s arrival came after different reports showed that the Chinese regime is building espionage facilities in the Caribbean Island. Biden administration officials have said the construction of these stations began during Trump’s presidency.

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