Russians Trapped in Crimea Panicked by Government Recommendations for Escape

( – According to July 18 reports, Russian civilians are scarred by the Kremlin’s advice on how to leave the Crimean Peninsula after the attack on its main bridge. Different media outlets reported on July 17 that the bridge that connects mainland Russia with this part of Ukraine was bombed, leaving two dead. Russian authorities and some mainstream newspapers have said that Ukraine was behind the attack.

On social media, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry Anton Herashchenko shared different chat posts of Russian civilians that live in the zone. The chats showed panic, with many people claiming that they don’t know what to do and saying that the Kremlin’s advice was “total madness.”

The advice in question was to direct the citizens of Crimea to the occupied areas of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk oblasts, and Kherson. Many people don’t want to go to these areas as they have logistic issues since they are some of the main transit points for the supply routes of the Russian Armed Forces.

In addition, people believe they won’t be safe in these areas as they are regularly attacked by Ukraine’s long-range artillery and cruise missiles. While these attacks have been taking place for months, media outlets like Al Jazeera have reported these military strikes have increased since Ukraine started its counteroffensive.

The reports pointed out that in addition to the citizens who live in Crimea, the Kremlin had sent this advice to Russians who are currently vacationing in this city. Herashchenko showed on his Twitter account that some of these Russian tourists are strongly criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin in their chats.

In one of these chats, a Russian citizen criticized the Kremlin’s pledges to secure the Crimean bridge, after first insisting that “ordinary people” had “nothing to fear.” In another chat, a Russian who lives in Crimea blamed the tourists for their current predicament. The person said he can’t imagine how “foolish” you must be to visit Crimea in “the middle of this war.”

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