Sanders Issues 2024 Presidential Endorsement

( – Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders formally endorsed former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump on November 6. Sanders, who was the press secretary of the Trump administration for two years, said in a statement that the former commander-in-chief is the Republican Party’s best chance to beat President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

In her statement, the governor explained that the United States is experiencing an economic and border crisis caused by the current administration. She added that the president and other Democratic leaders have doubled down on “crazy” policies that have exacerbated these problems, and noted that the only way for the United States to solve these issues is by choosing Trump. Sanders also noted that the presidential election won’t be a question of “left versus right anymore,” and said it would be a battle between “crazy versus normal.”

The governor pointed out that she feels “proud” to endorse Trump because she knows that the best thing for the country is to return to the Trump-era policies to create a “more prosperous America.” Following the statement, the former president said that he and Sanders had a “great success” during their time at the White House, and noted he feels honored to have her endorsement.

Sanders’ endorsement came a couple of hours after Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds endorsed Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. While Reynolds initially said she would stay neutral in the Republican presidential primary, she eventually noted that the GOP needed new leadership. Different reports point out that her endorsement of DeSantis might give the Florida governor a much-needed boost in a state that will hold the first primary nominating contest.

The Arkansas governor left her role as the White House press secretary in 2019. At the time of her departure, Sanders said she was proud of having served the United States in such an important role. She also said she loved every moment of it, including the “hard minutes.”

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