Satanists Unveil Disturbing New Ritual

( – Satanists in Idaho have unveiled a disturbing new “gender-affirming” ritual with the intent to remind others that they support the LGBTQ+ community, according to The Daily Caller. The self-described atheist organization, “Satanic Idaho,” wrote that “not everyone uses religion to condemn.” They are also reportedly “non-supernatural,” which goes against the belief in a deity.  

The group took to Twitter to place some distance between them and another group called the “Satanic Temple Idaho.” On their Facebook page promoting the ritual, they detailed that they will be at the Boise Capitol Building “performing gender affirmation.” The event was scheduled for February 13 and was held on the second floor. The flier also sported a pentagram and the Capitol building being lit up in the pride flag colors. 

“Hail yourself,” the flier reads. 

The co-facilitator and cleric of the satanic group, Rowan Astra, told KTVB7 that they believe in having compassion for one’s identity and bodily autonomy. Astra also reiterated the importance of sometimes affirming that identity with a doctor and the appropriate healthcare.   

Astra reportedly described the ritual as a space for the person to acknowledge the trauma and hardship from their original gender identity and affirm the present identity. Astra added that the ritual is important as other groups “may try to dehumanize or strip a person’s rights away.” 

It was doubtful that any legislators were showing up to the meeting, according to Astra, who reassured that there will not be any animal or blood sacrifice taking place. The co-facilitator also said that the group does not actually believe in Satan, but called it a metaphor for opposing tyranny. 

The satanic group said that they acknowledged the rules that they would have to abide by after booking the room, which is also used for other religious events. 

There were initial concerns about the event but there have not been any issues, according to a State Capitol spokesperson.

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