Scandalized Mayor Announces Democratic Run for House

( – On December 6, former Nashville Democratic Mayor Megan Barry announced a run for the US House of Representatives, aiming for a seat held by Nashville GOP Congressman Mark Green. As reported by different media outlets, Barry is trying to make a political comeback more than five years after a fallout from an extramarital affair led to the premature end of her term.

In her announcement video, the liberal leader cited numerous reasons for trying to return to elected office, which include the opioid epidemic, rural hospitals’ closures, Tennessee’s abortion ban, and the rise of mass shootings at schools. She is running in one of the three congressional districts that carved up the city in 2022. Her campaign spokesperson Brian Cordova confirmed in a press conference she’s running as a Democrat again.

The former mayor opened her House campaign by acknowledging her past mistakes, but without providing any detail. Barry resigned in March 2018 after authorities found her guilty of felony theft for cheating Nashville out of thousands of taxpayer dollars to have an extramarital affair with her police bodyguard. She was considered one of the most promising stars of the Democratic Party back then.

Talking about the affair and her end as Nashville’s mayor, Barry explained that at that time she was still mourning the death of her son, Max, who died of an overdose after combining different types of drugs, including opioids. She added she took responsibility for her mistake and managed to work it out with her husband. Barry said she believes that no one should be defined by their “worst moments” but by what they do next.

Since she left office, the politician has been sharing her son’s tragedy in an effort to fight the shame and stigma that surrounds substance abuse disorders for the victims and their families. Media reports note it’s unlikely she will win, as incumbent Mark Green remains popular among voters and even won his third term in Congress by almost 22 points in 2022.

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