Scarborough Suggests Withholding Aid to Israel

( – MSNBC’s host Joe Scarborough suggested on December 1 that the Biden administration should withhold aid from Israel until its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is officially removed from power. Scarborough made the suggestion after a November 30 New York Times report which said that Jerusalem did receive numerous warnings about the type of terrorist attack that the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas was planning.

As reported by the liberal newspaper, some intelligence agencies have been telling Mossad since 2022 that Hamas was planning an incursion into the Jewish state. The terrorist group committed its attack on October 7, killing over 1,200 civilians, raping dozens of women, and kidnapping over 200 innocents to make them their hostages.

The New York Times pointed out that the Israeli government dismissed the numerous warnings it received, as it claimed that committing such a terrorist attack against Israel was “too difficult for Hamas to carry out.” As reported by the newspaper, some Israeli government officials even “dismissed” Hamas’ plans as “aspirational.”

In his show, following a discussion about the report, Scarborough said that the United States shouldn’t provide aid to the “Netanyahu government” while it keeps saying that it will get Hamas “when we get to it.” He added that while the country spent plenty of money after 9/11, the Bush administration could do that because the United States was “fighting that war.”

The MSNBC host added that while Netanyahu isn’t the one to blame for the October 7 attacks, he does blame his policies over the last ten years for the “chaos” that is currently taking place at the West Bank. He explained the situation in that area is a “dangerous threat” to any peace process to move forward between Israel and Palestine. He added that the chaos in the West Bank could even create a second and a third front in the war between the Israeli government and Hamas.

Scarborough also said that the United States needs a “better partner in Israel,” and pointed out that the Biden administration shouldn’t spend money on a government that knew for a year the terrorist attack “was coming” and failed to prevent it.

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