School Bans Photos of Lewd and Explicit Teacher

School Bans Photos of Lewd and Explicit Teacher

( – Phones are just about everywhere these days, including in many classrooms. But, for high schoolers at Oakville area schools in Canada, using those phones to take snapshots of their teacher is against the rules. While the policy of having to get permission from someone to take their photo or video is not a unique one, the teacher that the kids want to photograph is.

Kayla Lemieux is a transgender teacher who began their male-to-female transition in 2021. The person works in the Halton School District and has Z-sized implants in their chest.

The attention-grabbing educator is a shop instructor at Oakville Trafalgar High School, but according to Toronto Sun, Lemieux was injured during a skydiving adventure. With their foot in a boot, the teacher is substituting elsewhere in the district as it would be unsafe to operate machinery in the school shop in their current condition.

The local school board is clear that it will protect the rights of the transgender teacher and stick closely to the district policy of no photos or videos unless explicit consent is given. A spokesperson would not comment directly on the instructor and related videos currently circulating around the Internet, stating it was an HR matter.

According to the Daily Mail, some students are fine with the teacher and their choice in prosthetics. However, many kids and parents have expressed concern about Lemieuz’s decision to wear it at school.

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