School Instructs Children to Keep “Pride Week” Hidden, Kept “Confidential”

School Instructs Children to Keep

( – Schools are meant to be places where kids go to learn and interact with others in their age group. Over the years schools have become increasingly political, namely liberal, in their ideologies. An elementary school recently had its students participate in a Pride Parade for Pride Week, all while telling the students to keep it a secret.

Doss Elementary School in Austin, Texas is under fire after it forced its children to participate in these activities. Much of the backlash is stemming from the fact they told students not to tell their parents.

First and foremost, schools shouldn’t be teaching kids to lie, deceive, or keep secrets from their parents. Not to mention Doss Elementary was in direct violation of the Texas Education Code when it told students to not tell anyone about what they were doing in school.

Why keep it a secret unless they knew they were doing something wrong? What motivated Doss Elementary’s administrators to celebrate Pride Week without the consent of parents? Are they trying to groom children?

Many conservatives, and even some concerned parents, already fear schools are teaching their children to fit in a liberal narrative. Essentially, educators are forcing young children to accept the LGBTQ community, something they likely have no understanding of to begin with. Many parents are now demanding to know why.

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