School Official Hauled Away by FBI

School Official Hauled Away by FBI

( – A school official in Massachusetts is out on bail and awaiting a grand jury’s indictment after allegedly terrorizing a man out of his candidacy for public office. Chicopee Superintendent of Schools Lynn Clark, 51, stands accused of threatening a man running for police chief in Belchertown. The small borough between Worcester and the Berkshires is Clark’s hometown.

The victim, unnamed by the FBI, received a barrage of text messages from burner apps, which allow the user to run through a series of untraceable phone numbers for a price. Clark initially tried to put the blame for the texts on coworkers, and even family, before admitting they were hers to federal agents. Lying to the FBI is a crime and the reason she was arrested.

The complaint against Clark, according to The Hampshire Daily Gazette, says she felt the victim, named “Individual 1” in the report, could negatively impact her career as an administrator if he gained too much influence. The alleged crime also appears to have an element of power and control, as Clark reportedly stated that she wanted to knock the victim “down a peg.”

Clark’s alleged indiscretion caused a delay in the small town’s electoral process. The mayor had no choice but to put a hold on ballot-casting after the victim dropped out unexpectedly. The ensuing chaos undoubtedly cost the local taxpayers — and their search for a new chief of police — an unnecessary amount of time and money.

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