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New York High School Graduates Aren't Ready for College

New York High School Graduates Aren’t Ready for College

( – An increased number of New York City (NYC) high school students appear to be falling through the cracks according to an October 4 audit. The New York Post reported that, according to the latest findings, only 57% of high school graduates were actually prepared for college.

Roughly 77% of NYC’s class of 2019 graduated high school, but many of those young adults were far from prepared to tackle higher education. The audit suggested that only 57% of them had the skills and foundation to keep up with their class. Still, 63% of all graduates attempted the move to college, leading to a 37% first-semester drop-out rate.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli feels the dropping of graduation testing requirements is a major factor. As a result, unprepared students who could skate just below the radar received diplomas, which did nothing but set them up for failure.

The study focused on pre-COVID numbers, so it could identify issues beyond those related to the pandemic. In response to the audit report, the city is funding several new programs targeting some of its most vulnerable students, including those in the foster care system, intending to improve enrollment and graduation rates. The city is also improving students’ preparation for higher education by funding more educator and career counselor training, implementing summer “bridge to college” programs, and adding AP coursework.

The COVID-19 pandemic turned many smoldering flames across the country into raging wildfires. College dropout rates could continue to escalate unless more educators take steps like those NYC is implementing to solve the problem.

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