Schools Turn to AI in Surveillance Cameras to Spot Guns

Schools Could Implement AI to Spot Guns on Campuses

( – Kansas could offer up to five million dollars in grants for schools to implement surveillance cameras with artificial intelligence systems that are able to detect guns. Before this can happen, the governor needs to approve the expenditures and the schools have to meet certain criteria.

The AI system must be patented, must be in compliance with security industry standards, designated as anti-terrorism technology, in use in at least thirty states, able to detect “three broad firearm classifications with a minimum of three hundred subclassifications” and “at least two thousand permutations.”

There is only one company that meets all of the criteria: ZeroEyes. This is a rapidly growing company that was founded by military veterans following the shooting at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

The legislation is currently pending by Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly as it waits for approval. It’s looking at the multibillion-dollar school security industry, and how some companies are successfully getting policymakers to write their corporate solutions into law.

Just recently, Missouri was the latest state to pass legislation regarding ZeroEyes, which offered over two million dollars in grants for schools to buy the systems.

Sam Alaimo, the co-founder and CRO of ZeroEyes, said, “We’re not paying legislators to write us into their bills. But if they’re doing that, it means I think they’re doing their homework and they’re making sure they’re getting a vetted technology.”

According to Alaimo, the goal is to “get that gun before that trigger’s squeezed, or before that gun gets to the door.”

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