Schumer Will Try To Replace Feinstein on Judiciary Committee

( – Senate Majority Leader and New York Democrat Chuck Schumer announced on Monday he will move a resolution later this week to replace Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Judiciary Committee. She will be replaced temporarily, in a move that will allow US President Joe Biden to keep judicial nominees moving to the floor.

During a press conference, Schumer told reporters he hopes GOP Senators end up supporting the resolution to fill Feinstein’s seat, while she recovers from a bout of shingles. Additionally, he said he spoke with the 89-year-old senator last week, and she told him that she’ll be back in Washington soon. However, she didn’t provide any exact return date.

The Senate Majority Leader also said he would need to talk with different members of his caucus to determine who would be the perfect choice to replace Feinstein during the time she remains absent. When asked whether he felt confident that at least nine GOP Senators would vote for a resolution to replace the California Senator on the Judiciary panel, Schumer said he hopes they “join us in that.” He added he hopes “they will do it” as he explained it’s “the right and fair thing to do.”

Finally, the Senate Majority Leader told reporters he’s planning to discuss this issue with the Senate Republican Leader and Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell. The conservative leader returned to the Capitol on Monday after five days of absence, following a severe concussion he suffered in March.

Senate Democrats must muster 60 votes to fill Feinstein’s seat, considering that Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn already announced she will vote against seating another Democratic Senator on the panel. In a Monday tweet, Blackburn explained she wouldn’t accept Schumer’s plan to replace the 89-year-old California Senator on the Judiciary Committee and fill the court with judges she considers to be “activists.”

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