Schumer’s Speech Goes Viral — Angers Both Parties

Schumer's Speech Goes Viral — Angers Both Parties

( – A blistering new video of Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) response to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s recent speech is taking the Internet by storm. The recording makes Manchin’s opinions known and showcases the deepening divide between Republicans and Democrats over the debt limit issue.

In the clip, Schumer digs into Republicans for attempting to withhold the debt limit increase. The majority leader simultaneously took all the credit in getting the bill passed for his caucus while claiming that it was only an issue, to begin with, due to Republicans.

A displeased Senator Manchin watches from across the room, at one point covering his face while mouthing what appears to be “this is crazy.” He eventually rises and departs the room entirely, shortly before the speech ends.

CNN reporter Manu Raju spoke to Manchin just outside the chamber, asking him to comment on his questionable reaction. The senator told her he “…didn’t think it was appropriate at this time.”

He also spoke at length about the need to stop weaponizing politics.

Manchin accuses co-leaders of “playing politics” and claims “…civility is gone.” He believes leaders must accept differences of opinions but continue to work together to find a new path forward, which perhaps doesn’t feature so much infighting.

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