Scott Walker Rules Out Wisconsin Senate Run

( – Former Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker told the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel on Monday he will not run for the US Senate, which represents a significant hit for the GOP in its efforts to oust Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin in 2024. After all, it was expected that Walker decided to run, considering his popularity and the way many polls have been putting the former governor as one of the main favorites to beat Baldwin.

During the interview with the newspaper, Walker explained he’s planning to stay put as the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) Chairman, as he said this organization can make big changes in its efforts to promote conservatism through 2025 not only to students but also to young adults. He became the head of this organization in the year 2021, after losing the 2018 reelection campaign to the current Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

In addition, Walker said that after spending two terms as the governor of Wisconsin, he’s not interested in becoming a Senator of the United States, arguing that he would probably “be bored” in that position. Also, he told the newspaper he’s ruling out a possible GOP presidential bid for 2024, claiming he’s fully committed to the YAF and that he has plenty of time to think about this type of run in the future.

So far, Baldwin hasn’t announced whether he will seek a third term in office or not, which has raised concerns among the DNC, as many believe this could put his seat in a weak position. While not a single Republican has announced a plan to run for Baldwin’s seat, different reports have been pointing out that many are expecting to consider a possible race and take the seat back to the GOP. In fact, a Wisconsin GOP operative said that some possible candidates include Republican Representative Tom Tiffany, businessmen Scott Mayer and Eric Hovde, and state Senator Roger Roth. 

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