SCOTUS Dissent Fuels Lin Wood’s Election Fraud Case

Supreme Court Judge Sides With Lin Wood

( – Cases about alleged election fraud and last-minute election rule changes continue to work their way through US courts. This week, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) declined to review a Pennsylvania state Supreme Court decision about these issues, and three justices dissented. One of the dissents seemed to support attorney Lin Wood’s work from the past few months, most of which he’s been criticized and disciplined for by mainstream media.

On Monday, February 22, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in his dissent that the issues in the declined cases dealt with “too few ballots to change the outcome of any federal election.” However, he also spoke about the prevalence of mail-in ballot fraud, and how last-minute rules created by governors and state legislatures “threaten to undermine this system.”

Responding, Lin Wood posted that he believes the dissent “validates and confirms” the work he has done over the past few months, and thus the disciplinary action against him and attorney Sidney Powell should be “terminated.” One American shared Lin’s words:

Supreme Court justices write their statements with extreme care, understanding the weight their words can hold. In his dissent, Justice Thomas used his words to pay respect to Lin Wood’s ongoing fight to bring up questions of election integrity and confidence that must be asked, discussed, and addressed if we are to have free and fair elections in the future.

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